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It's time to look after yourself and get moving again...

Welcome to James Bews Osteopath, your trusted local clinic for comprehensive osteopathic care. With years of experience and expertise in musculoskeletal health, my team and I offer personalised treatments to alleviate pain and promote overall well-being.

Massage at James Bews Osteopath Leek

Treatment includes Osteopathic & Physiotherapy techniques, soft tissue manipulation and manual therapy, all tailored to address a wide range of conditions such as back pain, sports injuries, joint disorders and chronic conditions. Utilising the latest advancements in osteopathic techniques as well as advanced K-Laser technology, our treatments focus on restoring balance and optimising body function.
Our goal is to help you regain mobility, enhance performance, and enjoy a pain-free life. We pride ourselves on giving honest, straight forward advice on how to manage your injury or condition.

James Bews Osteopath Leek
James Bews Osteopath Stafforshire
K-laser Treatment Leek

"I went to see James following a diagnosis with hypermobility syndrome.  I have found his treatments to be very helpful in alleviating the severe pain that I suffer in my head, neck and ribs. His advice on the condition has also been greatly appreciated."

Amy. Age 24.

Our promise to you...

  • We will never try to sell you treatments you don’t want or need. 

  • All appointments are booked and charged for individually and never ‘sold’ as a course.

  • We will always be honest with you regarding the expected gains and limitations to treatment.

GOC Registered

We work closely with Carolyn Bews Pilates

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