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How do we treat?

We use a wide range of techniques to treat patients and every individual requires a slightly different approach. Treatment is generally relaxing and pleasant. However, a small amount of discomfort can sometimes be experienced. The overall focus is to address the joint mechanics in conjunction with the muscular and soft tissue structure. We will discuss our treatment plan and the various techniques used with you before and during your session. 

As well as the common Soft Tissue Massage, Joint Articulation and Stretch Techniques used we are also likely to incorporate more advanced treatment. This might include: 

Specific Manipulation or Thrust of Joints: Sometimes described as High Velocity Low Amplitude Technique (HVLA). This is the technique is often associated with osteopathy and is what can give the characteristic 'crack' or 'pop'. Some patients can be alarmed by this but it is always discussed with the patient beforehand. Some momentary discomfort may be experienced but patients normally say that it is not at all painful.

Acupuncture: We use acupuncture as part of many treatment plans. It can be a very effective way of aiding the healing process and in some situations is a valuable part of treatment. If you are uncomfortable with the use of acupuncture, just let us know and an alternative treatment can be delivered. Acupuncture is also offered as an individual treatment.

High Frequency Massage: This is a relaxing high frequency massage machine that helps to reduce muscle spasm, stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling.


K-Laser: A relatively new but well researched advancement in the treatment of injury. My practice was one of the first Osteopaths the country to offer this service. This is ground breaking technology giving an added potency to our ability to stimulate healing. Click here for more information.

It is important to emphasise that you do not have to undertake any treatment you do not like or feel is not helping you.

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