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The practice runs from a newly refurbished clinic in the centre of Leek. During the first appointment all patients are taken through a full and comprehensive consultation enabling us to determine the best approach in treating your condition.


Initial Consultation. Approx 45mins. We will take the necessary time to fully understand the history of the condition and any underlying complications. We complete a full case history which includes information about the problem that has brought you to us, as well your previous medical history.

You will receive a treatment at your first appointment. Depending on the nature of the injury/condition the first treatment may be conservative. This is so we can understand how your body may react to the treatment provided.

Examination. Obviously this does depend on what we are treating. The examination routine will involve a combination of joint movement and palpation. Other clinical tests may also be used, such as: Blood Pressure, Neurological tests, Reflexes, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Abdominal tests.

Occasionally, you may be referred back to your GP or a medical specialist for further tests, if there is any doubt about the cause of your symptoms.

What to Wear. This does depend on your symptoms and mostly we aim to keep patients covered up. However, we may ask you to undress, possibly to your underwear (as long as you are comfortable with this!). To make a full assessment, it is very helpful if we can see your whole spine and posture. Running shorts or cycling shorts + a running top(for the ladies) are perfectly suitable. Once the examination is completed, we will keep you covered with a towel or clothing. Please speak to us if you are worried about this in any way.

Follow up Treatment. 30mins (this obviously depends upon the injury). We will conduct a review of your progress and carry out any further examinations, as required. Treatment will then be given in line with the treatment plan. In many cases we will produce an exercise plan to help maintain your health in the future. Obviously this varies for each patient but this is often a great way for you to progress your fitness and avoid future problems.

At the end of their treatment plan, many patients have a final appointment to be taken through their exercise plan and help set them on their way.

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